Month: February 2017

Kamping with Kota & Kuma

Oh boy we are so excited to be posting on our very first blog post! All though in all honesty when mom said we have our very own post we thought it was something we could pee on, now that we understand the difference between a blog post and a fence post we’re still excited, just not as much.
So as you may or may not know our human parents have decided to give up all the comforts of a brick & mortar home to live full time in a Keystone Montana 5th wheel, travelling across the United States, Canada and maybe even South America for a few years. We think they are nuts, but we thought that before this decision was made, B.O.L. (Barking out loud).

OK seriously now, we are really looking forward to seeing how much fun we can have Kamping with those two and we hope that you follow along as we try to keep them out of too much trouble. Right now we are taking care of selling all their excess stuff, we keep all our toys and bones as clearly they are necessary, and we are hoping to be on the road by the end of March 2017. Once on the road our plan is to keep you posted as to where we are, what fun stuff we have seen and where we’re off to next.

We know that this is going to be an amazing adventure and we are really happy to be able to share it with you. We hope that you are obedient and that you sit and stay and follow our posts!

–  Kota & Kuma