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Kamping with Kota & Kuma volume 3

Well it’s time to pee on our post again, or as you two leggeds say post to our blog. (you say tomato we say woof!) Any way as you know from our last post our dog house on wheels needed some repairs, the slides that make the rooms big enough for us to stretch out were not closing properly and the refrigerator wasn’t keeping all our treats cold so mom and dad brought it to Camping World in Lake City Florida and would you believe they kept it for 4 years!!!!!! (OK that’s 4 years on the doggie calendar 1 month on two legged calendar) Mom and dad were very unhappy with Camping World, they said stuff like terrible customer service, unprofessional and incompetent. Now we’re not sure exactly what that means but all we know is that we suffered without our dog house on wheels. (Look at the photo below see how uncomfortable Kuma looks on Aunt Vicki’s couch, BOL!)

We did some fun things while we waited for our dog house on wheels to be ready, we went to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, well mom and dad went, no dogs allowed in they say. We do not get this and we think it stinks, we should be allowed everywhere! Well at least we had a real nice hotel to stay in while mom and dad took pictures of birds. (One bed for Kota one bed for Kuma – people on the floor – BOL. The hotel is named Smart Stay and we think this arrangement is very smart BOL again!!!!!!)

This is something else we do not understand, why would they want to take pictures of birds when they could be at the dog park with us??? If anyone can explain this to us please call us on our private line 1-800-stupidhumans!

While mom and dad were at the Alligator Farm (stupid bird place we’re not allowed in with a dumb name, first of all who farms alligators and secondly why are they taking pictures of birds if it’s an alligator farm? Again use our private line if you can answer these questions) they met a good friend who also wastes time photographing birds and other wildlife instead of being at the dog park, birds of a feather stick together, BOL!!!!! His name is Chas Glatzer and mom says he’s a famous wildlife photographer, well we’re two wild and crazy pitbulls and he’s never taken our photo, seriously how famous can he be? (OMD – we bark ourselves up – human translation Oh my dog we crack ourselves up)

Now some places are a lot smarter than other places, the smart ones let dogs in. We went to a very cool place called St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. We had to be on a leash, but they didn’t say a human had to be on the other end, BOL!!!!! No we’re kidding we follow the rules even if we don’t agree with them.

We went for lots of long drives while we waited for our repairs to be done, dad never lets us drive which we do not understand, we are excellent drivers! Bear left at the really good smell in the road dad! (Growl he never listens to me)

We had lots of fun in Aunt Vicki’s, while we endured those 4 years without our dog house on wheels, she has a really big backyard to run around in, and there were some balls for us to kill…umm we mean play with.

And her furniture is very comfortable, but that pumpkin is scary!
Well we couldn’t believe it when mom and dad said our doghouse on wheels was finally ready to be picked up, neither could Aunt Vicki but you can’t blame her, dad told her “hey sis we’re gonna stay with you for a week” and it turned out to be 4 years, OK OK one month to you.

And would you believe that stupid Camping World after keeping our doghouse on wheels for 4 years they never fixed the shower doors or tightened up the screws on the trim even though they said they did. Dad said he would fix that stuff himself and mom said “oh   ” and than ran and hid his tools.

This is another thing that confuses us – when we 4 leggeds say “oh ” it’s a good thing but not when you 2 leggeds say it, again use our private line if you can help, that’s 1-800-stupid humans. So we finally said goodbye to Live Oak Florida and headed to our first kampground (remember this blog is Kamping with Kota & Kuma – mom and dad klearly do not understand the word kamping) in Ruskin Florida it’s a pretty nice place called Manatee RV Park.

They have a cool doggie area where we can run around without our leashes and there’s a really dumb dog there, never barks, runs, drinks water or plays – we do not get it but somehow mom thinks its funny.

When that dumb dog wouldn’t play with me I said “smell my but – BOL”

The best part of our stay here in Ruskin is when we went to Fort DeSoto Park, we were worried at first that mom and dad were joining the military, but then we found out it’s the coolest place with a doggie beach! You heard me a beach were 4 leggeds can run around free and go in the water and play, we had such a great time! All beaches should be doggie beaches.

Kuma was a little sacred of the water at first but i barked him into it, I’m a good coach! Dad thinks it was him but Kuma trusts me more.

We were very sad though to find out that discrimination still exists in the south, separate but equal is not equal! “We have a dream that one day 4 leggeds will not be judged by their size or breed but by the content of their character” (We stole that from a very great 2 legged Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr)

It was a great day at the beach, discrimination aside. We were exhausted from swimming running, playing and then getting a hose bath, (Yuck why do they wash off all those good smells on us? Again if you know please call our private line) so we stayed in the air-conditioned car while mom and dad went in the hot sun and got bit by bugs taking more silly bird pictures. (And people call us dumb animals – they got that backwards) 

All kidding aside we really did get discriminated upon when we were in St. Augustine. Mom and dad wanted lunch so they decided to go to a restaurant they went to a few weeks ago when they met Aunt Jean, Uncle Glen & our doggie cousin Roxie for lunch. We were so excited when they told us we could sit in the special doggie area with them and they would bring us a bowl of water and mom even said we could order our own burger. Well the place was crowded and the doggie area was full (of course it was, who wouldn’t want to have lunch with their doggies?) so mom told us to sit while we all waited for a table. We of course sat like very well behaved gentledogs, just like mom taught us to, when this man come out, he was the manager of the restaurant, big deal – nope big jerk! He looks at us sitting like gentledogs and says to mom “Do you really think you should bring those dogs in here?” and mom says “This is a dog friendly restaurant isn’t it?” and the man responds “Yes but are those dogs OK – should they be in here?”  Well mom knew just what he meant – dogs are welcome but not pitbulls – so she got mad and said “you know what you’re right these dogs shouldn’t be in a place like this and neither should I. I wouldn’t waste my money on a place like this!” and then we left. Mom was angry and then she got sad, she doesn’t understand and neither do we, why people would judge us by our looks rather than our behavior. Like mom always says “Hate the deed not the breed” Oh well we found a great place to buy food and eat it our truck.
Well we need to go rest up for our next adventure, we are leaving Ruskin tomorrow and heading to Ft Meyers and while we are there we’ll get to visit Uncle Mike Aunt Lori in Naples, Uncle Mike said he will take us on our first boat ride, that should be fun. Oh before we bark off this post what do you think of our new wheels? BOL like we’d be caught dead in that silly thing!

Well that’s about it for now, we’ll keep you updated on all the fun we’re having and all the silly things our humans do. Until then never bite when a growl will do the trick.

Love Kota & Kuma

Kamping with Kota & Kuma volume 2

Well its time to pee on our post again; or as you two leggeds call it posting to the blog. On March 25, 2017 we finally pulled out of the driveway in our new doghouse on wheels, we thought Mom and Dad would never be ready, but with a lot of barking and growling from us they got it done and our adventure began. Now we’re not sure why this blog is called Kamping with Kota & Kuma cause we’ve been gone almost two weeks and we haven’t seen a single campground; we suspect that since they don’t know how to spell camping, (Kamping) they also don’t know what it is, BOL!. We’ve stayed at two Motel 6’s on the way down to Florida and since we’ve gotten to Florida we’ve been parked in Aunt Vicki’s backyard, now it’s a real nice backyard and we like Aunt Vicki a lot but this ain’t camping. Here we are destroying her balls, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with them, BOL!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
It’s been an interesting 13 days, Dad got the big dog house on wheels stuck a few times, wasn’t his fault bad directions, we helped him back out of a few tight spots and it all worked out OK. We got to stop at lots of new places to stretch our legs and do our business, so many great smells, don’t know why Mom and Dad were in such a rush to get back on the road all the time, we could have stayed a week in New Jersey just smelling everything. Here we are in front of our new dog house on wheels, we love it.

Now we’re not complaining but some of the beds we slept in on the way down were a bit small for our liking, we thought Mom & Dad would be considerate and sleep on the floor but alas they did not, humans!

We met this very strange animal in Aunt Vicki’s backyard, have no idea what it is but it sure is funny looking. It has no legs or paws, we can’t figure out how it got away from us so fast. And the dogs here in Florida; they are so big, must be the water down here that grows them that way. The cats, at least, seem to be normal so far.


We are getting used to the new doghouse on wheels, it’s very comfortable and so is our truck, all though for some reason we are not allowed in the front, doesn’t seem fair to us. Tomorrow we take the big doghouse on wheels into the shop for some repairs we hope it doesn’t take too long we hate to wait, humans are so slow.


Well that’s about it for now, we’ll keep you updated on all the fun we’re having and all the silly things our humans do. Until then never bite when a growl will do the trick.

Love Kota & Kuma

Kamping with Kota & Kuma

Oh boy we are so excited to be posting on our very first blog post! All though in all honesty when mom said we have our very own post we thought it was something we could pee on, now that we understand the difference between a blog post and a fence post we’re still excited, just not as much.
So as you may or may not know our human parents have decided to give up all the comforts of a brick & mortar home to live full time in a Keystone Montana 5th wheel, travelling across the United States, Canada and maybe even South America for a few years. We think they are nuts, but we thought that before this decision was made, B.O.L. (Barking out loud).

OK seriously now, we are really looking forward to seeing how much fun we can have Kamping with those two and we hope that you follow along as we try to keep them out of too much trouble. Right now we are taking care of selling all their excess stuff, we keep all our toys and bones as clearly they are necessary, and we are hoping to be on the road by the end of March 2017. Once on the road our plan is to keep you posted as to where we are, what fun stuff we have seen and where we’re off to next.

We know that this is going to be an amazing adventure and we are really happy to be able to share it with you. We hope that you are obedient and that you sit and stay and follow our posts!

–  Kota & Kuma