Bill Rudock

Bill RudockBill is the founder of First Light Photography is an award winning, nationally acclaimed photographer. His stunning images have been seen in many of the country’s most prestigious publications. Bill’s landscape images have earned him a reputation as one of the finest nature and outdoor photographers in the country. In addition to his stunning nature and wildlife images Bill has been long recognized as an accomplished wedding & portrait photographer.

Bill’s love affair with photography began with the birth of his first child. Like any proud father Bill wanted to capture every moment of his daughters life on film and he wanted to do it right.

His photography education began at a local camera club, he then moved on to Suffolk Professional Photographers where he was twice elected President and twice chosen as Photographer of the Year.

Always thirsty for knowledge Bill attended numerous workshops and entered print competition on the local, state and eventually national level, improving and learning all the time.

He earned his Masters and Craftsman degrees from Professional Photographers of America with several of his prints being accepted into the National Loan Collection. Bill was honored three times with the coveted “Master’s Court of Honor” and Kodak’s award of excellence was given to Bill twice. His images are displayed annually at national exhibitions.

Bill’s love of photography is matched by his love of the great outdoors and his landscape images have became his signature. Today Bill combines his sense of adventure and love of nature to create exceptional images that give the viewer a unique and fresh view of some of the country’s most dramatic landscapes.

Bill’s knowledge, reputation and passion for photography coupled with his easy style of instruction and his sense of humor has made him a much sought after lecturer, print competition judge, guide and photography instructor.


Genevieve Rudock

Gen BenjaminGen Rudock is a graduate of Winona School of Professional Photography and a Past President of Suffolk Professional Photographers. She has owned and operated a successful photography business since 1977. Gen is co-owner of First Light Photography and along with her partner and husband, Bill Rudock travel the world teaching photographic workshops on landscape and wildlife photography.

Her images have received numerous awards, have been featured a monthly digital newsletter, been used in numerous calendars as well as many other publications. One of her images was chosen as image of the year by her fellow nature photographers.

Gen is a sought after speaker and has given talks on wildlife photography for camera clubs and libraries. The National Parks Service for their National Parks Week Celebration on Long Island chose Gen as their keynote speaker.

Gen combines her love of wildlife and nature along with her passion for photography to create images that speak to us of the beauty and diversity of the natural world as well as to bring recognition for our human role in preserving and protecting “all God’s creatures and wonders”.