Patty M writes….
  • “Working with Bill simplifies the complicated! He makes photography easy to understand in a matter of fact way! Bill has taken me from a novice to someone who now gets paid for my work! – Thanks Bill!”

Jeffrey W. writes….
  • “Bill,Thank you for a great class at the Rogers Library. You have a way of presenting complex stuff in such a simple easy-to-understand manner. I’m a lot smarter as a result. I’m sure my shots will improve. Bill, thanks much. Great work!”

MaryLou writes….
  • Hi Bill,On behalf of our Roundtable photo class I want to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave yesterday. Long after you were gone, people were still talking about how much they learned from your presentation and from your critiquing our photos. I know there are more then several of us who would like to do a shoot/workshop you in the spring. Again, thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge with us. You were great! And we will definitely be in touch with you in the near future.

Bob S. writes….
  • “Dear Bill,I want to thank you on behalf of all of the members of the Nassau County Camera Club for your outstanding presentation on Environmental Portraiture last evening. The program was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended and was a fitting conclusion to our 2006-07 season. We all left with new insights and lots of helpful tips and information; your relaxed presentation was well thought out and prepared and comprehensive in its scope. I know all who were present enhanced their knowledge and had a good time in the process.

    Thanks, as well to you and Gen for reenacting the baby photographer story; it was even more funny and clever than I remembered. I know it relaxed everyone. It was a pleasure to have you join us and I hope we’ll be seeing you again soon.”

    Best wishes.

    Bob S.

    Nassau County Camera Club

Martin V writes….
  • “Hi Bill,I’m sure you’ve heard it before. You were tremendous this evening at our PCLI photography group. Your communications skills and images were delivered in a very positive tone… and inspired many of our members to use passion and creativity. Truly an inspiration!

    I’m in the habit of taking exit polls after a speaker leaves. The feedback on your images and your hand out were unanimously favorable. Comments included ” One of the best commentators and presenters we’ve had during the past few years” “He really has people skills” “He’s so dynamic, why not invite him again next fall to critique our images” “Way to go” …among many others comments

    Again thanks for putting on a premiere performance this evening. With all goods wishes.

    Martin V for the PCLI

Ronnie writes….
    Bill thank you for a wonderful experience. You are a truly dedicated teacher , one who unselfishly shared your knowledge and expertise. You showed me the capabilities of the camera and also allowed me to learn my own capabilities as a photograher. It was one of the best times I had. I hope to use the knowledge that you so graciously gave to me on future adventures. Again thank you. Happy travels.


Ric A writes….
    The thing that makes Bill such a good teacher is that he will suggest a shot to you and then set up his gear and then allow you to see what he’s done with his camera. He’s also open to any suggestions on how one might improve a shot.

    Ric A

Sue J writes….
    There is nothing better than being on a safari vacation with a well traveled explorer and photographer like Bill Rudock leading the way. Not only did I learn a lot about photography from Bill while on my safari, but he also guided our group to explore some beautiful remote areas of the United States (Yellowstone, Yosemite, Long Island) where I was able to take some fabulous and memorable photographs.

    Sue J

Mickey H writes….
    “Being a member of a workshop or safari offered by First Light Photography and guided by Bill Rudock has afforded me the opportunity to learn how to create better images while interacting with other photographers who have the same goals. Bill’s easy going approach always makes learning interesting and enjoyable. Try it, you will like it!”

Mickey H

Steve R writes….
    “Bill, this was an experience I will never forget. You showed me a whole new perspective of Long island and new ideas for photography. I look forward to our next trip to NY City.”

Linda S writes….
    Hi Bill and Gen, just wanted to let you know that I went out with my camera and practiced the lessons from our shoot. Thank you both again for a wonderful and highly informative day.

Aram M writes….
    “Attending a workshop at Block Island with First Light was an absolutely great experience. The lessons and breakdown of the day were presented in an easy, relaxed environment with generous amount of pointers. Our workshop included lens, composition, filter as well as uses of light in real time situations as we stepped through the events spread throughout the day. A must for anyone who is looking for a better understanding their equipment and improve their images.”

Jason S writes….
    “Bill & Gen

    Thank you so much for an incredible learning experience. Bill is a gifted instructor who is easy and fun to learn from. The landscape images I came home with are the best images I have ever created, and I could not have done them with out all the knowledge, instruction and experience you both shared with me. I truly have gone from taking pictures to creating images because of this wonderful learning experience”

Lisa F writes….

    What a talent you have for photography and for teaching. Thank you so much for all your help during our one on one workshop. I learned so much practical and useful information and was able to put it to use immediately in my photography. The first thing I did when I got home was to get on your website and sign up for a week long safari to the Grand Canyon. there. Again thank you.”

Rick Groff writes….
    “The New England Lighthouse tour was exceptional. Bill is extremely knowledgable in the sites he brought us and also the best times to shoot there. My photos turned out better than anticipated and I am looking forward to more safaris with First Light Photography.”

Bob W writes….
    “You are a phenomenal teacher & I truly learned a lot from our sessions. You are an excellent communicator & very easy to talk to. Even though I only started taking up photography recently, I didn’t feel the least bit intimidated. I felt that was able to ask you virtually any photography question, and you were patient enough to give me concise explanations that I could understand.”

    It’s very obvious that you have a real passion for photography & it’s wonderful that you are willing to share your knowledge & passion.

    Thanks again!

    Bob W

Jill B writes….
    “Dear Bill & Gen

    The Yellowstone in Winter workshop was outstanding. The variety of wildlife seen exceeded my expectations. I learned so many helpful tools for creating “landscape & wildlife” images. My family and friends were amazed by the images I took. Thank you so much, both of you, for helping me to become a more discerning photographer. Can’t wait till next year!”