Winter Education Series Composition

Two of Long Island’s most accomplished nature photographers have joined forces to offer three classes designed to improve your photography from the technical to the creative. Each class may be taken independently, all though for maximum results we recommend registering for all three and we are offering a $30.00 discount if you register for all three.

Basics of Composition In photography, as well as in all art forms, there are principles that when applied, create compelling work. We will go over some basics, such as the rule of thirds, level horizons, virtual legs, lens choice, leading lines,  to list some examples, and then talk about when these basics can be deviated from effectively. We will invite you to give us some of your work which we will discuss and we will show you some of our work that illustrates these principles and when we have creatively broken them.

Dates: New Dates Coming Soon – Basics of Composition
Cost: $85.00
Deposit: $85.00

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